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New Glass Diaphragms
for early phonograph reproducers and recorders
and Victor Exhibition

Precise reproduction french glass diaphragms

Glass Diaphragm by Norman Bruderhofer

After almost two years of inquiring and testing, I am proud to announce the availability of new french glass diaphragms for early cylinder reproducers and recorders:

Newly engineered French glass diaphragms for early phonograph reproducers and recorders - made of high quality thin glass all manufactured to the old specifications, each precisely and smoothly cut. Now also available for Victor Exhibition reprocuders!

The vast majority of early phonograph reproducers and recorders from the 1890s are discovered with broken or missing glass diaphragms. In some cases restoration is even impossible without destroying the old glass diaphragm. Because of the extreme rarity of expensive, old glass stock, many restorations are made using mica diaphragms.  Due to its unique acoustical characteristics, both in recording and in playback, only glass provides a truly authentic and original sound.

As shown here, both sizes of glass diaphragms come without center holes, just as the original glass diaphragms. Place the diaphragm between the two existing rubber gaskets and just apply some crazy glue, a drop of shellac, or a very tiny drop of clear epoxy glue to the diaphragm's center to attach the link carriage (Edison), stylus bar, or recording stylus (Columbia). Feel free to ask if uncertain.

A genuine quality product crafted in Germany!

33mm (1.30") size for cylinder phonographs
1 diaphragm: $ 7
2 diaphragms: $ 12
5 diaphragms: $ 28
10 diaphragms: $ 55
43.2mm (1.7") size for Victor Exhibition and compatible
1 diaphragm: $10
2 diaphragms: $19
5 diaphragms: $ 46
10 diaphragms: $ 88

Worldwide: $ 2.80
Free shipping for 5 or more diaphragms

Payment options: Cash in registered letter / cashier's check / personal check / Paypal / Bitcoins. Contact me to place your order.

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