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March 8th New title,  'La Prière de Guillaume Tell: Sois immobile', from 1904

April 1st New title, 'Schweizer Echolied' by Franziska Krug-Elfgen from late 1905


September 11th New title,  'The International Cakewalk ', from ca. 1898

June 7th New title, 'Polonaise (Mignon)' by Blanche Arral from 1908
March 8th New title,  'Dancing on the Housetop', from ca. 1900

January, 6th New title, 'How'd you like to be Iceman' by Will F. Denny from ca. 1899


December 12th New title,  'The Salvation Army Patrol', an unsual Christmas selection from ca. 1900

September, 25th New title, 'Air de Bijoux' by Bernice de Pasquali from 1905
July, 2nd New title,  'Les Sapins', a French classical selection from 1904
Minor updates on the German article Fürst Bismarck und Graf Moltke vor dem Aufnahmetricher
June, 10th New title, 'I'm the man' from ca. 1908
April, 2nd New title,  'A sfurtunata', a Neopolitan selection from 1909
March, 8th New title, ' Vater, Mutter, Schwestern, Brüder' from ca. 1901
February, 6th New opera title, 'O, kehr zurück, du kühner Sänger' from ca. 1902


December, 7th New title, 'Sleighride' from 1898
November, 21st New title, 'Donnybrook Fair' from ca. 1903
October, 10th New title, 'Out went the Gas' from 1908
September, 14th New title, 'Boys, she's a Dream!' from ca. 1896
August, 2nd New title, 'Home, Sweet Home' from 1902
June, 4th New title, 'The Washington Waddle' from 1911
May, 14th New title, by Louis Dupouy 'Le rêve du prisonnier' from 1911
(No updates in May due to heavy workload)
April, 14th New title, 'The Washington Waddle' from 1911
March, 14th New title, Dan W. Quinn sings 'What's the matter with Maudie?' from 1899
Links to other sites updated
February, 14th New title, Will F. Denny sings 'The tick-tock tocking of the clocking on her stocking' from 1900
January, 24th New title 'La Marseillaise' from 1897


December, 14th New title, a quartet arrangement of 'Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht' from 1906/07
November, 26th New title 'Come take a Trip in my Airship Medley' from 1904
October, 6th New title 'A Trip to Chinatown, Lancers with Figures Call' from 1899
September, 5th New title 'Der Vogelfänger' from Mozart's Magic Flute from 1901
August, 5th New title 'Ich weiß nicht was soll es bedeuten' from 1907
July, 5th New title 'Because' from March 1899
June 5th New title 'Verlorenes Glück' from ca. 1901
May, 19th New title 'Es ist bestimmt in Gottes Rat' from 1906
February 2nd New title 'Marriage is sublime' from ca. 1901
Janury, 10th New title 'Polly Prim March' from ca. 1904
February 2nd New title 'König Marsch' from ca. 1905
Janury, 10th New title 'Liebchen am Bache ' from 1917


December 12th New title 'Sale of toys, dolls and so forth on Christmas Eve Night' from 1896
November 10th New title 'Tu m'en donneras' from 1904 by Victor Lejal
October 3rd New title 'American Patrol' from 1905
September 1st New title 'Gli Ugonotti: Qui sotto it ciel' from 1903 by Enrico Caruso
August 1st New title 'She was bread in old Kentucky' from 1898
July 7th New title 'Pâle et blonde' from 1904
June 1st New title 'Katzenliebe' from 1907
No March update due to heavy workload, March title 'Sylvan Glen' added to the archive
May 6th New title 'Marching thro' Georgia' from 1900/01
April, 7th New title 'Lina Yorke' from 1897
No March update due to heavy workload, March title 'Sylvan Glen' added to the archive
February 24th New title 'Babbie Waltzes' from 1898
January, 21st New title 'Hail to the Spirit of Liberty', one of the great Sousa marches from 1900
December 14th New title 'Weihnachtslieder-Potpourri', a Christmas Medley from 1910
November, 4th New title 'Sunshine will come again', an outstanding quartet number from ca. 1901
October 4th New title 'Ich hatte einst ein schönes Vaterland' by Else Wichgraf from 1910
New resource article in German by Stephan Puille about Emile Berliner's Gramophone
September, 9th New title 'Turkey Trot', a band two-step from 1908
June 2nd New title 'Sunbeam Dance', a barn dance with ragtime influence from 1908
May, 10th New title 'Lumbering Luke', a concertina solo from 1904
June 2nd New title 'Bettelarie aus Prophet' (Beggar's Aria from Le Prophete) from 1905
May, 10th New title 'Liberty Bell March', by Baldwin's Cadet Band from 1895
April 2nd New title 'Wiener Drahrer Marsch' from 1907
March, 1st New title 'Die holde Weiblichkeit', sung by Oscar Stolberg, written by Otto Reutter
January 30th New resource article about the historically important find of the genuine recording of Otto von Bismarck, which is also the cylinder title for February, from 1889
Janury, 10th New title 'She never comes Home 'til Morning' by Dan W. Quinn from ca. 1898


Happy new Year!
December 2nd New title 'Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen', a Christmas traditional from 1908
November, 12th New title 'Fantasie aus Walküre' from 1905, used in the recent film A Dangerous Method
October 26th New title 'Money Musk Medley' a raggy number from 1912
September, 11th New title 'Du är min ro (You ease my mind)' from 1906, a sacred selection, to the 10th anniversary of 9/11
August 7th New title 'Trans-mag-ni-fi-can-bam-dam-u-al-i-ty' from 1909
July, 9th New title 'Heimweh ' from 1902
June, 9th New title 'Two-Step tanzt man heut' ' from 1912
May , 1st New title 'A Job like that' from 1899
Introducting a new section Resource Articles, starting with Johannes Brahms
April, 11th New title 'Komm', mein Schatz, in den Lunapark' from 1910
March , 18th Late update: New title 'At a Georgia Camp Meeting' from 1898
February, 6th New title 'Tosca, e lucevan le stelle' by Enrico Caruso himself, 1903!
January , 1st New title 'Winter' by Billy Murray from 1911 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!


December , 5th New title 'O, Tannenbaum' a German Christmas carol from 1905
November , 21st New title 'Don't take me Home' from 1908
October , 21st New title 'La Donna e mobile' from 1906, a late update due to excessive work load
September, 2nd New title 'Shaky Eyes' from an indestructible cylinder from ca. 1910
August , 2nd New title 'A Hot Time March', a brown wax Edison cylinder from 1900/01
July, 4th New title 'Los Diamantes de Corona' a Mexican series Blue Amberol from ca. 1912
June , 6th New title 'Bicycle-Couplet', a German Edison series recording from 1902
May, 2nd New title 'Los Diamantes de Corona' a Mexican series Blue Amberol from ca. 1912
April , 4th New title 'The Ragtime Drummer', an unusual drum solo from ca.1908
March, 4th New title 'Annie, my own' a fox trot version of Annie Laurie from 1920
February , 4th New title 'Das träumende Schneeglöckchen', a xylophone solo from ca.1908
January, 1st New title 'Under the Anheuser Bush' by Billy Murray from 1903


December, 3rd New title 'O du fröhliche, o du seelige Weihnachtszeit', a Christmas carol in German from 1906
November, 4th New title 'Norma: Me protegge, me difende', an early master from 1901
October, 3rd New title 'Smokey Mokes', a snappy ragtime number from 1904
The new logo does now features te 1895 Type N Graphophone
September, 4th New title 'Let us not forget', the famous speech by Thomas Alva Edison himself from 1918
August, 7th New title 'A lucky Duck, a Webfoot Promenade' from April 1903
Pantograph update at brown wax cylinder guide
July, 4th New title 'El Capitan', an early rendition by the U. S. Marine Band, ca. 1897
June, 1st New title 'Air, Ah, quel plaisir d'étre Soldat' by Pierre Cornubert from 1908
The Cylinder Guide is now also available in German
May, 1st New title 'Tralala', by Josephine Kraus, Berlin, 1905
April, 8th New title 'Fern im Süd' das schöne Spanien', a German vocal selection from 1908
March, 7th New title 'Spinn, spinn', a Swedish traditional from ca. 1906
February, 6th New title 'Llewellyn March', an uncommon dulcimer solo from late 1903
First phase launched of a major update of the cylinder guide, all texts rewritten and amended plus new pictures taken for each cylinder type
January, 2nd New title 'That's when I come in', a comic song by Edward M. Favor from 1908


December, 2nd New title 'Cantique de Noël: Minuit, chrétiens!', the popular French Christmas (1914)
Introducting The Berlin Phonograph Works under 'New Cylinder Records'
November, 8th New title 'Dixie', the popular number played lively, from ca. 1908
October, 3rd New title 'Angel's Serenade' - an instrumental duet from 1899
September, 8th New title 'Roses remind me of you', a beautiful fox trot from 1926
August, 6th New title 'Sadie Salome' - comic song by Ed Favor from 1909
July, 5th New title 'Cecilia', a genuine charleston from 1925
June, 1st New title 'Down at the Huskin' Bee' - a ragtime-style duet by Collins & Harlan from 1909
May, 4th New title 'The Junk Man Rag', one of the latest direct 4-minute recordings from 1913
Major update is still on schedule but will take more time than previously estimated.
April, 4th New title 'La Traviata: Lorsqu'a de folles amours', a French opera selection from 1912
March, 1st New title 'Country Bred and chicken fed', recorded in 1926
Preperations for a major update are on schedule.
February, 8th New title 'The Record March', from November 1906
January, 10th New title ' 'A Ricciulella', from Il Trovatore, recorded in 1909
Happy New Year!


December, 3rd New title 'Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht', ca. 1906
Link page updated
November, 9th New title 'Miserere', from Il Trovatore, recorded in 1914
October, 3rd New title 'Stars and Stripes forever', ca. 1908
September, 4th New title 'Lollypops', a xylophone solo from 1908
August, 1st New title 'Faust: Air de Bijoux', a very interesting French opera selection from 1903
July, 1st New title 'Shimmee Town', a fox trot from 1919
June, 2nd New title 'Carrie Marry Harry' from ca. 1908
May, 5th New title 'Runnin´ Wild', a blues-fox trot from 1923
April, 17th New french glass diaphragms for early reproducers now available!
April, 1st New title 'Die süßen kleinen Mägdelein' from 1904
March, 7th New title 'Arie aus Traviata' from 1908
February, 1st New title 'Du süße, Süße' from 1905
January, 1st Happy New Year!
New title 'Hungarian Rag'


December, 14th Finally, here comes the new title, 'If Winter comes' by the Atlantic Dance Orchestra
November, 16th A late but great update: New title, 'Red hot Henry Brown' from 1925 - compare the Blue Amberol with the Diamond Disc version!
October, 3rd New title, 'The Old Folks at Home' from 1895
September, 1st New title, 'John, go and put your trousers on' from ca. 1906
August, 3rd New title, 'The Prisoner's Song' from 1925
July, 1st I am happy to announce a cooperation with the Internet Archive Library to host several of my previous releases now in excellent quality in the Cylinder Archive collection.
From now on, the monthly release will be presented thru an Internet Archive media page where you listen to the title right online and/or download it in various common formats.
There won't be any huge difference to the download site here as you will find the direct to the monthly release here.
New title 'Rainbow Medley' a snappy ragtime/waltz number from ca. 1904.
June, 6th New title, 'El Capitan' from 1904, a popular Sousa march
May, 6th New title 'Stop your Tickling Jock' by Sir Harry Lauder on a rare take for Pathé Company
April, 1st New title, 'Moonbeam! Kiss her for me' from 1927
March, 2nd New title 'He goes to Church on Sunday' performed by famous Billy Murray from 1907
Febuary, 4th New title, a German opera title 'Dort vergiß leises Fleh'n' from "Figaro" from 1909
January, 4th Happy New Year!
New title 'Miss Dixie' from 1907, nice Ragtime tune


December, 1st New title, a German Christmas medley 'Weihnachtslieder-Potpourri' from 1910
Changed layout to Helvetica font group
November, 5th New title 'A Coon Band Contest' from ca. 1904, a great and early Ragtime song by Sousa's Band
October, 5th New title 'As a Porcupine pines for its Pork' from the 1925
September, 5th New title 'Under the Double Eagle March' from ca. 1898
August, 1st New and famous title 'The Whistler and his Dog' from 1905
July, 4th New title 'Das Heidenröslein' from ca. 1905
June, 6th New title 'Skylark' from ca. 1904
May, 1st Sorry, but I had to remove the archive page due to high amount of webspace and traffic use.
A different title will be still available every month as now also:
"Will you love me in December as you do in May" from ca. 1905
April, 2nd New title 'Texas' from 1918
Other Sites updated
March, 1st New title 'On the Banks of the Rhine with a Stein', a crazy duet (they try hard to speak some German)
Some minor redesign done for 'New Blanks' and 'Brown Wax' at the cylinder guide
February, 2nd New title 'Toodles' from 1921
January, 2nd May this year be better to all of us than last year was
New title 'Träumerei', a beautiful slow song
Cylinder differences changed to Cylinder showcase with some little re-design


December, 3rd New title 'Christmas Eve in Old England' from 1905
November, 15th New title 'Music vot's Music must come from Berlin', a nice comic song
October, 9th New title 'I'm a poor married Man' from 1917
September, 10th New title 'In einem kühlen Grunde', a German traditional
Picture gallery updates, old photos removed and replaced with the latest set from the MME show
August, 7th New title 'You look all wrong because you're bandy' from ca. 1905
July, 4th New title 'Flanagan at the Doctor's (Irish Sketch)', a comic sketch by Steve Porter
June, 7th New title 'Meadow Lark' from 1926
May, 9th New title 'Tout Passe Waltz', a whistling solo from 1911
April, 4th New title 'What's what and who's who?'
March, 7th New title 'I'd rather two-step than waltz, Bill - Medley', a popular two-step from 1907
February, 8th New title 'Narcissus' from a Columbia Concert cylinder
January, 4th Happy New Year!
New title 'Keep it under your Hat', a nice comic song from 1924


December, 8th New title 'Christmas Bells' from August 1919
November, 9th New title 'Pals', a British cylinder from ca. 1906
October, 9th New title 'Schönau, mein Paradies' from 1912, a late German 2-min wax cylinder
September, 6th New title ' Bringin' Home the Bacon ', a hot jazz number from the mid-20s
August, 5th New title 'The Crack Regiment Patrol' from 1908
Some re-work done on the Cylinder Guide (corrections, additions, etc.)
July, 5th New title 'Ich laß' mich nicht verführen', an original brown wax recording from around 1902
June, 1st New title 'My blue Heaven', a very late Blue Amberol from 1928. The master recording was made electrically, then dubbed by acoustic way from Diamond Disc to cylinder.
May, 5th New title 'Das Sumpfhuhn', a rare German Cake-Walk
Again a media format change, now any upcoming title will be presented in glorious Ogg Vorbis.
Player support is given for BeOS, MacOS, Linux, OS/2 and Windows, check out at for further information.
April, 8th New title 'Tu non mi vuoi piu bene', a very clean cylinder record performed by Enrico Caruso
March, 9th New title 'Immer an der Wand lang'
Other Sites updated
February, 2nd New title 'I remember you', a comic song by Ada Jones
E-Mail site updated, reminding visitors to not ask me about any value.
January, 1st Happy new year!
New title 'Gold and Silver' added, Other Sites and New Blanks updated


December, 1st New title for Christmas 'Silent Night', a 1912 Blue Amberol
Correction for 'The Picnic' by Harry Lauder, recording was made in 1910, many thanks for that info to Robert English!
Other Sites updated
In case of a high increasing spam mails, I changed the mail address again. It is no longer available as a text or link that no automatic program can catch it, please have a look on the E-Mail page, thanks.
November, 5th A little late this month, new title 'Keep a little cosey Corner in your Heart for me' by Ada Jones
October, 3rd New title 'The Picnic', a late recording by Harry Lauder
September, 1st New title 'Lohengrin - O mon cher cygne' - to remember last year
Other Sites updated
August, 1st New title 'A Bunch of Rags' - an early Banjo solo recording by Vess L. Ossman
July, 7th New title, 'The Bonnie Banks O' Loch Lomond' by Marie Narelle
June, 1st New title 'My Gal Irene' - a snappy tune by Collins & Harlan
Cylinder Guide updated (Brown Wax & Lambert)
May, 7th New title, a British selection performed by Hamilton Hill: 'My Irish Molly O'
April, 1st New title 'They were all doing the same'
Some minor logo changes
March, 8th Finally, here's the update:
New title 'Lied an den Abendstern' (Song to the evening star), changed to MP3 format
During the time of RealAudioTM this standard was just perfect for easy sound presentation. But the now called RealOneTM player is simply overdosed with advertisement nag-screens.
The format and compression is still wonderful, but the player isn't at all. No way for me to continue with that format!
February, 2nd New title 'Selections from Bocaccio'
Other Sites updated
January, 26th Performer information added to 'Scrooge's Awakening'
Thanks to Christian Zwarg fromTruesound Transfers!
January, 5th New title 'Why don't you try' - Happy new year!


December, 4th New title 'Scrooge's Awakening' - Something different from the early Christmas selections
November, 3rd New title 'Rose of Bombay' - a nice Fox Trot from the early 20s
October, 1st New title 'My own United States'
Other Sites updated
September, 15th In case of the terrible attacks of September 11th:
New title for mid-September 'Nearer my God to thee'
September, 3rd Menue style changed back to text for faster loading
I am going to change all pages the next time
September, 2nd New title 'I know dat I'll be happy 'till I die'
Other Sites updated
August, 5th New title 'Over a Cup of Tea'
July, 1st New title 'Hiawatha'
June, 16th Well, one day too late, but now open: Our CD shop.
June, 3rd New title 'Southern Blues'
CD Order preview - opens on 15th 
May, 1st New title 'While the Birds are singing to me'
Stay tuned for our CD, I just got some additions to become part of this selection. Should be ready at the latest next month.
April, 2nd New title 'Vogerl fliegst in die Welt hinaus'
Other Sites updated
March, 2nd New title 'Dance of the Honeybells'
Other Sites updated
February, 17th Due to fact that I receiving regularly virus mails from someone, I had to change my mail address again.
My new contact address is The old one is no longer valid.
February, 3th New section 'Wanted' introduced
New title: 'Du Süsse, aus der Operette'
'Other Sites' updated
Comment of the last cylinder corrected
January, 7th Other Sites updated
January, 4th Happy new year to all visitors!
New dance title: 'Canary Cottage' by Frisco "Jass" Band


December, 28th Performer of the current cylinder corrected (of course, not played by Jaudas' Society Orchestra)
Thanks, Luis!
December, 15th Website moved back to BerlinWEB
December, 10th The New Blanks - another resource added
Other Sites updated
December, 4th New title added 'Santa Claus Song' - have a happy Xmas!
November, 2nd New title added 'Waltz Memories'
October, 3rd New title added 'Sing me to sleep'
September, 28th Temporarily moved back to
September, 15th All cylinders are available again
Webspace now powered by BerlinWEB
September, 2nd New title added 'Sourire d'avril'
Some updates on the Cylinder Guide with some better guidelines
Also some tiny additions on the Credits
The old webspace server still occures problem, at least for European access. So I had to change to another server that has limited webspace. Therefore I had to remove some earlier cylinder download releases until I will find a better place for The Cylinder Archive. I promise that they will return soon. Thanks.
August, 1st New title added 'Edward German's Shepherd Dance'
'The Author' page is updated.
July, 2nd Statement moved to the history page
New title added 'Abide with Me'
Again a new menue for easier navigation, pictures pages moved to the 'Picture Gallery'
In occasion to the E-Mail problem I've changed the mail address into
June, 2nd Because of these E-Mail problems I placed a statement on the start page:
Today I've noticed that the redirection of my e-mail adress was disabled. I am very sorry about that but I did not receive any mail that was written between late January and late April this year. Sorry again, this problem is now fixed. It was an error caused by my provider. I always like to receive mails from other people who are interested in phonographs. So if there is something to ask me please do it again. Thank you.
New title added 'Du bist zu schön um treu zu sein' [German]
May, 1st New title added 'Gasoline Gus and his Jitney Bus' - our first Blue Amberol release
New logo with my own Edison Suitcase Home
New, more sophisticated menue created
Sign changed for 'The Automated Music Show'
Cylinder Guide text for Amberols updated
April, 2nd New title added 'Gnadenarie aus Robert der Teufel' [German]
March, 3rd New title added 'Les entfants et les mères'
February, 1st New pages 'The new Blanks'
The Cylinder Guide is updated
New title, a German band selection 'Tiroler Holzhacker Buab'n Marsch'
This website is now also available under
January, 1st Happy new year with the title 'Champaign Gallop'


December, 21st Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all you out there!
new title, a Christmas Carol 'Hail! Smiling Morn'
Well, the last historic cylinder century passes away but we can say we've shared this century.
Let us keep up our work of collecting and preserving these early sounds.
December, 3rd The Cylinder Guide '2-Minute Indestructibles' corrected
new title 'Forbes Farewell'
November, 1st Some changes on the design and navigation
new title 'Virginia Skedaddle'
links updated with two new great sites
October, 1st Download problem fixed. Songs are now zipped and available for download.
new title 'Uncle Josh at a Camp Meeting'
August, 30th The Cylinder Archive gets a new download structure.
The webspace-hosts just now have a download barrier for the VQFs. That's the reason why I cannot longer provide these file types. This time the server also causes problems with saving the RealAudio files. So this time only streaming is available. I will try to fix this problem soon to provide a download again.
I also removed the German part because it now existed for over a year and I did not receive any response to it. This gives me the possibility to concentrate more on the English part.
'Some Questions and Answeres' are removed and will be replaced by the 'Cylinder Guide'
that will come up next month.
July, 14th pre-update for August:
new title 'Buncle Hill'
July, 8th new link to 'Cylinder Records 101'
July, 1st new titile 'Oh Promise Me'
new section 'The Author'
June, 1st first concert record on The Cylinder Archive 'Hearts and Flowers'
new section 'File-Formats'
some table design changes
new cylinder download page
new advertisement in 'Machines and Advertisements'
May, 1st new title 'Beautiful Eyes'
new section 'The Phono-Show'
new section 'A wonderful Collection'
April, 25th Description in Cylinder Differences of Nr. 11 corrected, thanks Rob!
April, 1st new title 'Come take a Trip in my Airship'
also created a new logo
March, 2nd new title 'Autoduett aus Hochparterre Links'
February, 2nd new title 'Lanky Yankee Boys in Blue'
links updated
January, 1st new title 'The Girl I left behind me'


December, 1st now available at 
moved the page to a faster server
new title 'Alle Jahre wieder'
November, 2nd new title 'Trink ma noch a Flascherl Wein'
October, 1st Mail adress has been changed.
new title 'Sei gegrüßt du mein schönes Sorrent'
September, 2nd new title 'Dass wir scheiden muessen'
August, 1st resizing pictures and fonts for better view on 800x600
removed some pictures to provide a faster download
added a new cylinder title
German version released
created this history page
added one new cylinder picture, two advertisements pictures and four new machine pictures
added another link to a phonograph website
remade the RealAudio file with comment and a little bit better quality
July, 17th some bugs removed, translated faq page added
July, 16th changed to frames
joined to The Phonograph Ring
July, 14th first release of this website without frames



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