Other Sites

Allotria Website in German
The well-known German Gramophone, record and mail order shop

Antique Phongraph and Gramophone Thai Society Website in Thai
A great collection of information about Edison phonographs
and current collecting activities in Thailand.

Antique Phonograph Society
The society of advanced collectors who share a passion for
the preservation of antique phonographs and records, formerly known
as the California Antique Phonograph Society.

Collection of Ian Watson
A breath-taking collection of vintage audio and visual media
which covers the century from 1856 to 1956 by Ian Watson, Scotland.

Cylinders On The Web
In the memory of Trevor Hill, who created this great website.

Dan Levinson
Highly skilled jazz clarinetist, saxophonist, and bandleader, founder of
the Roof Garden Jass Band.

Deutsches Grammophon und Schellackplatten Forum Website in German
Germany's most active forum for historic recording technology,
gramophones, phonographs and more.

Edison Motion Picture and Sound Recordings
Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division
of the Library of Congress.

Footlight Notes
Images of theatre and other popular entertainment
from the 1850s-1920s.

Glenn Sage's Early Recorded Sounds & Wax Cylinders
A pioneer in digital preservation of brown wax cylinders.

A site to buy and sell antique phonographs as well as home
of the Automated Music Show.

LP2CD Conversions
Commercial Sound Restoration and Transfer to CD Service from Florida.

Michigan Antique Phonograph Society
A non-profit corporation for phonograph collectors.

Antique Phonograph Website by Peter Liebert.

Paléovox Website in French
A phonographic business card by collector Jean-Ives Patte, France.

Phonograph Maker's Page
A meeting ground and a source of inspiration for all makers of modern
phonographs with an electric output, maintained by Christer Hamp, Sweden.

Jim Keuler's professional Antique Phonograph Service and Repair

Radiomuseum.org: radio forum displays
An online database for antique radios, service is subject to charges.

The Antique Phonograph Music Program
78s and cylinders are played on actual period reproducing devices.
Every Tuesday evening, 7pm to 8pm on WFMU 91.1 FM, Jersey City, NJ
Hosted by Michael Cumella.

The Edison Shop
Sharing information & knowledge gained from 15 years experience
in the Talking Machine trade, by Rob Lomas.

The Gramophone Shop Website in Dutch
Now a great museum near Zandvoort.

The Machanical Music Extravaganza
A phonograph show for all kinds of mostly acoustic machines, twice a
year at Wayne Police Athletic League Building in Wayne, NJ.

The Online Discography Project
The largest resource for researching recording data of
78rpm records and even cylinders.

The Talking Machine Forum
A professional self-hosted message board for all antique
phonographs and recordings.

The Virtual Radio and Phono Museum
The largest Old Radio & Phonograph site in central France,
by Jean-Luc Fradet.

The Vulcan Cylinder Record Company
Maker of the famous Vulcan records, by Duncan Miller.

Vince Giordano's Nighthawks Orchestra
1920's, 1930's and even 1940's authentic traditional jazz live.

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